Real Estate Advertising Solution

Establish yourself as a market expert with a high-quality real estate system.

How It Works

01 . Attract and Convert Clients with a custom built website

Real Estate Website

02 . Powerful Website Tools

Empower your real estate business with cutting-edge automation tools, AI-driven features, interactive maps, and meticulously crafted templates, all designed with your vision in mind.

03.Own Your Own Lead Generation System

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Targeting Opportunities

Capture individuals with purchase intent by targeting anyone browsing for properties or researching home loans.

Leverage 3rd-party data to access precise
audience segments to target individuals who, for example, have a specific household income or have applied for a mortgage.

Expand your 1st-party reach by using your CRM data as a seed to build lookalike audiences. With Audience Lookalike Expansion, you can reach users who mimic the online behavior of your 1st-party audience, giving your campaign more scale and reach.

Set a perimeter around a physical location with geo-fencing. Serve ads to your target audience near an available property using postal/zip code, city, state, or province. Try running video ads showing neighborhood attractions, or a virtual property tour.

Dynamically retarget individuals with personalized ad content based on the nature of their prior website
engagement or activity. For instance, use dynamic retargeting to target anyone who visited your website to
explore properties in a specific neighbourhood with 3 bedrooms and outdoor space and serve them an ad
showcasing an available property that fits their criteria.

04. Built in Dashboard and CRM Integration

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